Mission Statement

School District 146, in partnership with the community, will teach our children to actively meet life's challenges and create opportunities as they responsibly build their own and the world's future.

In teaching our children, we will be mindful of our world's interdependence and cultural diversity. Our schools will foster a safe environment in which children will explore ideas for continual and accelerating changes in social, technological, scientific, ecological and political environments. To lead rich and full lives in this world our children will need to acquire:

  • A fundamental knowledge base and essential skills in the major subject areas.
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills in real life situations.
  • The ability to think analytically, logically, critically and creatively.
  • Competence in gathering and using information.
  • The capacity to communicate effectively through oral, written, technological and artistic means.
  • The skills needed to work cooperatively in various settings and situations.
  • A set of fundamental values which are commonly held by the community.
  • Emotional, social and physical well being, including self esteem.
  • The capacity to understand, respect and relate to all people while acknowledging and valuing similarities and differences.
  • The commitment and capacity to be lifelong learners.

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