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MAP Letter From Mr. Fortin
Welcome to Central Middle School!

My name is Randy Fortin and I am proud to serve as your Middle School Principal. Our partnership is essential to the continued growth of our children.

My educational philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief of educating the whole child. One that meets the academic and social emotional needs of all. I believe in servant leadership, shared decision making, and building positive relationships that foster a community of learners (students and adults). These relationships are the key ingredient in the success of the child, school and community.

I am a native of Kankakee County. I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from Eastern Illinois University and Master of Arts Educational Administration from Governors State University. I have an amazing wife Jennifer and two beautiful sons, Carter and Beckett.

Understanding the Middle School-

Middle school is a bridge between elementary and high school. It is not an exaggerated elementary school, nor a miniature high school. Central Middle Schools understands the complexity in promoting academic success while dealing with the social, physical, and emotional changes of the adolescent.

Middle schools are designed to:
1. Be sensitive to the unique development challenges of early adolescence. It is only when students feel connected and valued that true achievement takes place.
2. Emphasize a deep understanding of important concepts and the development of essential skills
3. Create smaller 'teams' of students within the larger building in order for faculty members to better know the individual student's ability, interests, and needs.
4. Allow collaboration of teachers in Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to plan and provide learning opportunities that challenge and support student learning.
5. Advocate for more collaborate learning and problem-solving among students. Learning strategies will often involve inquiry-based, or problem-based, learning on a relevant academic task. This requires a student to collaborate with a group while learning, but learn to be responsible for their individual task.
6. Provide students with the choice of elective/exploratory classes.

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