To contact members of the CMS staff, please call 708-614-4510 followed by the extension or click on the individual's name to send an e-mail

Main Office

Mr. Randy Fortin Principal ext. 3806
Mrs. Brooke Dundas Assistant Principal ext. 3808
Mrs. Kristen Salwierak Dean of Students ext. 3809
Mrs. Jan Collins Secretary ext. 3803
Mrs. Lucy Martinez Secretary ext. 3800
Ms. Danielle Ramirez School Nurse ext. 3816
Mrs. Patti Montagano Building Paraprofessional ext. 3813

Mrs. Melissa La Margo Safety Clerk - Daytime ext. 3804
Mrs. Elisa Johnson Safety Clerk - Evenings ext. 3804

Team 6 Blue

Mr. Eric Decker Science ext. 4812
Ms. Lindsay Stenchever Social Studies ext. 4846
Mrs. Kelly Gron Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4816
Ms. Elizabeth Guldan Mathematics ext. 4883
Ms. Melanie Mattocks English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4834
Ms. Chantal Palmer English/Language Arts ext. 4808

Team 6 Silver

Mrs. Melissa Cunningham English/Language Arts ext. 4813
Mrs. Rebecca Ferrebee Mathematics ext. 4865
Ms. Jessica Gonzalez English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4820
Mrs. Melanie Lane Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4418
Mrs. Linda Mc Inerney Social Studies ext. 4837
Ms. Amy Sandow Science ext. 4850

Team 7 Blue

Ms. Therese Coughlin English/Language Arts ext. 4810
Mrs. Sara Meadows Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4839
Ms. Nicole Roat English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4891
Mr. Matt Smith Social Studies ext. 4853
Ms. RuthAnn Smith Science ext. 4854
Ms. Gina Stokes Mathematics ext. 4856

Team 7 Silver

Ms. Ashley Bobak English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4829
Mrs. Dina Salem English/Language Arts ext. 4865
Mrs. Michelle McKeown Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4838
Mr. Joseph Mihovilovich Social Studies ext. 4841
Mrs. Sandy Wojcik Mathematics ext. 4858

Team 8 Blue

Ms. Beth Collins Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4807
Mrs. Jennifer Kressel English/Language Arts ext. 4830
Mrs. Jaime Kulik Science ext. 4825
Mrs. Katherine Smith Mathematics ext. 4848
Mrs. Laura Tuffs English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4809
Mr. Philip Vadeboncoeur Social Studies ext. 4860

Team 8 Silver

Mrs. Lisa Allen Social Studies ext. 4801
Mr. Roger Hagen Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4819
Mrs. Julie Huhn Mathematics ext. 4822
Mrs. Sarah Lyons English/Language Arts ext. 4831
Ms. Karen Marcotte English/Language Arts 2 ext. 4832
Mrs. Wendy Wortel Science ext. 4863


Mrs. Karen Smyth Spanish ext. 4855


Mrs. Cindy DePinto-Dawud Visual and Media Arts ext. 4814
Ms. Jill Crabbe Communication Arts ext. 4503
Mrs. Patti Schusterman Family and Consumer Sciences ext. 4843
Mr. Eric Jacobs Industrial Technology ext. 4811
Ms. Katie Moan Music / Choral Director ext. 4861
Mr. Jason Freeland Band Director ext. 4817
Ms. Christina Makropoulos Assistant Band Director ext. 4804

Health / Physical Education

Mr. Alex Snodsmith Physical Education ext. 4802
Mr. Thomas Dexter Physical Education / Health ext. 4815
Mr. Marc Lewis Physical Education / Health ext. 4828
Mrs. Kelly Menter Physical Education ext. 4840
Mrs. Jennifer Murdock-Bariball Physical Education / Health ext. 4845


Mrs. Mary Crowley Media Center Director ext. 3845
Mrs. Lisa Sikorski Reading Specialist ext. 4852
Mr. Mike Norris Instructional Coach ext .4818
Mrs. Linda Lessard Math Specialist ext. 4827
Ms. Nour Ibrahim ELL / Bilingual Arabic ext. 4866

Mrs. Lauren Ligammari ELL / Bilingual Spanish ext. 4866
Mrs. Nicole Marinello Mathematics ext. 4833
Mrs. Margi Strombeck Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4857
Ms. Eileen Rosenstiehl Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4847
Ms. Angie Mulligan Technology Learning Specialist ext. 4842

Support Staff

Mrs. Kathy Lawlor Media Center Clerk ext. 3848
Mrs. Nancy Cermak Health Clerk ext. 3898
Mrs. Bernie O'Donnell Food Service ext. 3898
Mrs. Joanne Buckwalter Food Service ext. 3898
Mrs. Brenda Cook Psychologist ext. 3814

Ms. Roseann Klioris Speech Language Pathologist ext. 4824
Ms. Erin Cogan Speech Language Pathologist ext. 4806
Mrs. Megan Dore Social Worker - 6th Grade ext. 3812
Mrs. Catherine Muchna Social Emotional Coordinator ext. 4514
Ms. Jennifer Roney Social Worker - 7th Grade ext. 3810
Mrs. Jody Plowman Social Worker - 8th Grade ext. 3811
Mrs. Lauren O'Donnell Physical Therapy ext. 4844

Mrs. Char Raines Bridges Screening Co-ordinator ext. 4232
Mrs. Barb Cirillo Bridges Program ext. 4231
Mrs. Laura Gonzalez Bridges Program ext. 4217
Ms. Claudia Daughtry Bridges Program ext. 4244
Ms. Mona Jarrar Bridges Program ext. 4238
Ms. Sarah Pratt Tech Support ext. 3900
Mr. Brian Johnson Tech Support ext. 3900

Para Professionals - 6th Grade

Mrs. April Holup Paraprofessional ext. 4889
Mrs. Kristin LeMonier Paraprofessional ext. 4873

Para Professionals - 7th Grade

Mrs. Jill Berndt Paraprofessional ext. 4876
Ms. Karen Lyons Paraprofessional ext.
Mrs. Deb Brocious Paraprofessional ext. 4877
Ms. Eboni Starks Paraprofessional ext. 4867

Para Professionals - 8th Grade

Mr. Felix Palomo Paraprofessional ext. 4890
Mrs. Ann Corns Paraprofessional ext. 4879
Mrs. Kristin Grande Paraprofessional ext. 4882
Mrs. Brenda McAdaragh Paraprofessional ext. 4886


Mr. Nick Piwkiewicz Custodian
Mr. Gary Cunningham Custodian
Mr. Paul German Custodian
Mr. Tom Matson Custodian
Mr. Mark Noe Custodian
Mr. Fred Robinson Custodian
Ms. Denise Venegas Custodian
Ms. Amanda Minyard Custodian

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