Kruse Education Center

Office Staff

Mrs. Carey Radde Principal ext. 3401
Mrs. Delia Bienemann Secretary ext. 3400
Mrs. Laura Brenner Safety Clerk ext. 3403
Mrs. Marian Betley Registered Nurse ext. 3402

Early Learning / Kindergarten

Mrs. Kim Burge Early Learning ext. 4405
Ms. Christina DeGrado Kindergarten ext. 4402
Mrs. Lisa Haverty Kindergarten ext. 4413

1st Grade

Mrs. Christine Hinker 1st Grade ext. 4420
Mrs. Corissa Campbell 1st Grade ext. 4425
Mrs. Carrie Scott 1st Grade ext. 4219

2nd Grade

Mrs. Sarah Madden 2nd Grade ext. 4449
Mrs. Melissa Meekma 2nd Grade ext. 4417
Mrs. Angel Cozzolino 2nd Grade ext. 4426

3rd Grade

Mrs. Paula Bravo 3rd Grade ext. 4404
Mrs. Carrie Hoekstra 3rd Grade ext. 4411
Mrs. Denise Wachowiak 3rd Grade ext. 4435

4th Grade

Mrs. Kerry Jacobson 4th Grade ext. 4415
Ms. Renee Benedetto 4th Grade ext. 4431
Mr. Matt Nelson 4th Grade ext. 4401

5th Grade

Mrs. Julie Harris 5th Grade ext. 4439
Mrs. MariFran Henry 5th Grade ext. 4414


Ms. Alli Schwartz Art ext. 4417


Ms. Christine Makropoulos Band Director ext. 4804
Mr. Mike Molinets Music ext. 4422

Physical Education

Mr. Ron Vandewiel Physical Education ext. 4433

Media Center

Mrs. Kim Hazucka Media Center Director ext. 3433
Mrs. Sandy Krusinski Media Center Clerk ext. 3447


Ms. Trude Buchanan ORE Facilitator ext. 4434

Learning Behavior Specialists

Mrs. Jennifer Smola Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4429
Ms. Melinda Merriman Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4407
Ms. Caitlin Buerger Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4201
Mrs. Caryn Carlson Learning Behavior Specialist ext. 4406

Social Worker

Mrs. Wendy Albright Social Worker ext. 3432

Bilingual Resource / ELL

Mrs. Hedaia Othman Bilingual Resource ext. 4424
Ms. Erin Butler Bilingual Resource ext. 4805
Mrs. Elizabeth Zanayed Bilingual Resource ext. 4437


Mrs. Faith Bilina Speech Therapist ext. 4403
Mrs. Missie Ciabattari Speech Therapist ext. 4428

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Stephanie Delgrosso Reading Specialist ext. 4412

Math Specialist

Mrs. Angelika Kavroulakis Math Specialist ext. 3441

Physical / Occupational Therapy

Mrs. Lauren O'Donnell Physical Therapy Asst. ext. 4423
Mrs. Jaime Michielsen Occupational Therapy Asst. ext. 4441


Ms. Stephanie Schmidt Psychologist ext. 3443


Mrs. Ana Jozsa Paraprofessional ext. 4885
Mrs. Bonnie Bell Paraprofessional ext. 4408
Ms. Lori Spee Paraprofessional ext. 4870
Mrs. Linda LaMorte Paraprofessional ext. 4438
Mrs. Darlene Thompson Paraprofessional ext. 4421
Mrs. Leanna Rogers Paraprofessional ext. 4338
Mrs. Lynn Hoppenrath Paraprofessional ext. 4861
Mrs. Ghada Karajeh Paraprofessional ext. 4418

Mrs. Lisa Medel Paraprofessional ext. 4887
Mrs. Delores Syznal Paraprofessional ext. 4329
Mrs. Peg Schroedle Paraprofessional ext. 4442
Mrs. Elham Shareef Paraprofessional ext. 4443
Mrs. Alice Dukelow Paraprofessional ext. 4432
Mrs. Pam Marshall Paraprofessional ext. 4409
Mrs. Gail North Paraprofessional ext. 4410
Ms. Jena Pipia Paraprofessional ext. 4436

Mrs. Janell Flaischaker Paraprofessional ext. 4436
Mrs. Cheryl Finn Paraprofessional ext. 4436
Mrs. Renee Kusper Paraprofessional ext. 4436

Tech Support

Mr. Peter McMahon Tech Support ext. 3434

Food Services

Mrs. Diane Doherty Food Service ext. 3410


Mrs. Kathy Bates Custodian ext. 4432
Mr. Bob Noha Custodian ext. 4440
Mrs. Bernice Rodriguez Custodian ext. 4416

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