Policies and Guidelines

District 146 Health Policies

Physical Activity Policies

Movement breaks- Recognizing that students need a break from sitting for extended periods of time, every effort will be made to have a daily organized movement break. Students in elementary schools will have a 20 minute supervised recess period.

Physical activity and discipline- Staff will prioritize disciplinary consequences that do not interfere with recess, PE, or movement breaks. Additionally, staff may not use physical activity as a form of consequence during the school day.

District 146 Gets Fit

“District 146 Gets Fit” was established in response to Illinois School Code that has the State Board of Education, in conjunction with the Department of Public Health, develop guidelines for school boards to be able to manage students with life-threatening food allergies and to promote healthy practices among students.

The District recognizes its responsibility to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices and establish and maintain healthy habits for a lifetime. The District is committed to providing a learning environment that supports and promotes wellness, good nutrition, and an active lifestyle. Although all allergic reactions due to food cannot be eliminated, and the District cannot “cure” the obesity epidemic or other health conditions associated with poor nutrition and lack of activity, a Wellness Policy was created that will take the necessary steps to create a school environment that does not contribute to these health issues. 

The following procedures were created with student safety in mind, are aligned with best practices, and are responsive to changes to the Illinois School Code. 

To review the District's nutritional rules and policies, visit the Nurse's Notes page.

By making health and wellness a district priority, we are confident our students will thrive in the classroom and maintain a healthier lifestyle and school and at home. 
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